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February 22, 2009

Dear Jim,

I just wanted to send you this letter to thank you for all of the amazing work you’ve done for us!! Who knew that excited, creative young man I had as a student would become a trusted friend with a special talent for woodworking?!

From the customized end tables you made for us several years ago, to the spectacular built-in bookcases and mantle you made last summer, to the fabulously remodeled kitchen and half-bath you gave us last fall, our home is everything we want it to be thanks to you! 

One reason Mike and I keep coming back to you is because you get to know your customer personally and create amazing pieces that are exactly what we want, even when we can’t always explain it to you!  Another reason we are repeat clients is because of your high integrity and trustworthiness.  We know that you can be trusted in every regard when it comes to woodworking, home renovations and remodeling.  You are always honest and upfront with your opinions, with costs, with timelines, with every aspect of the project!  Our family and friends are truly amazed at what we’ve done and the price we paid -- reasonable and worth EVERY penny!!

Not only are you truly gifted, but you’re fun, funny and fair!!  Thank you for helping us make our 30 something year old house worthy of the pages of a decorating magazine! 

I’m sure you’ll be hearing from us again soon!

Gratefully yours,
Susan and Mike Pennington

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